Microsoft Fix It Package for Windows XP and Vista Users

Microsoft has released new software that aims to automatically repair the most common faults found in some of its older operating systems.

The “Fix It” package, based on the successful automatic diagnostics system in Windows 7, is currently in beta trial and aimed at Windows Vista and Windows XP users.

According to the BBC, once installed the software will update itself, scan for problems and comes with onboard fixes for 300 of the most common faults.

The package also keeps a list of the PC’s hardware and software so that if an automatic fix can’t resolve the problem then the data is quickly available to support staff.

Microsoft, like many other software firms, has built a vast database of faults and problems as technology built into Windows reports back about crashes and other bugs that machines encounter.

The minimum operating system requirement is Windows XP running Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Get started right away with the “Fix It” package:



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