Error 0x8007064A When Installing MSE


When I try to install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on my new Windows 7 laptop, a HP EliteBook 8530w notebook computer, BUT it fails with the following error:


Can you help me install MSE?


The HP EliteBook 8530w is a great laptop, but a few of them seem to present the error code 0x8007064A when trying to install MSE.

If you have REMOVED any other pre-loaded Anti Virus programs that may have come with the laptop, and then re-booted and STILL get the error 0x8007064A

The following registry key should be deleted:


This should NOT be in the registry!

Hope this helps with the error 0x8007064A

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Marc Liron – Ex-Microsoft MVP (2004-2010)
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14 thoughts on “Error 0x8007064A When Installing MSE

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  2. Wow, that helped me. Been looking for a 0x8007064A solution since days. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  3. Cool! Thanks! I have been trying quite a few tricks without success… I also have problems installing/updating .NET Framework 1.1 on this machine. not sure if related as well.

    I have HP 2530p with this problem and I removed the preloaded Antivirus and used Symantec AV for a while and decided to go with MSE.

  4. I tried a dozen things to get ANY Anti-virus program installed, if only this simple answer ranked higher on Google. It worked quick & simple! Thank you.

  5. Same problem HP all-in-one with windows 8. HP_Preload_Dummy not in registry. Happens on down loading any update from the windows store.

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