Google’s New Search Options

As you may have already heard, Google is experimenting with some new search options.

Below I have grabbed a few screenshots for you to view the possible changes that we may see soon.

(These changes are just testing at the moment and are not available for the general public as yet.)

Here is the first screenshot showing a search for the term London

(Click for larger image)

You will see the new search option menu on the left. No more having to click the “Show Options” link at the top of the results page anymore!

Here it s just on it own:

Does it look familiar? Yep, very BING like:

(Click for larger image)

…and the main search page has a make over, here is the new bolder looking search box:

The Google 10 pack results show a wider map and the left had search options “adapting” to the search term:

(Click for larger image)

…ALL very interesting stuff.

Leave your thoughts below in the comments area!

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Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP

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