6 Quick Facts About Outlook 2010

Here are 6 new features in Outlook 2010:

1) Outlook Social Connector – provides you with a stream of content from SharePoint, Windows Live and other famous social networking sites. At the bottom of your Outlook emails, you will see the latest social networking posts of your contact.

2) A new “Publish Online” feature lets your Outlook 2010 calendar synchronize with Office Online.

3) The new Quick Steps feature lets you consolidate multiple steps into one. So once you will click the Quick Step, it’s relevant multiple steps (as per your configuration) will occur.

4) A new UI, and its customisable.

5) Office Backstage – Easily allows users to easily save attachments, access account settings, clean their mailbox, and configure other settings.

6) A new schedule feature called “Scheduled View” which provides a better insight into your daily schedule (in Outlook calendar).



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