Microsoft Releases Project Emporia

Microsoft’s Future Social Experiences Labs (FUSE) has launched another new project

Project Emporia sifts through the ever-evolving web content streams to identify hot stories, categorizes them into topic areas and ranks them, and then presents them to you in a friendly browser based UI. Just by opening the Project Emporia page you get popular stories on topics of your choice without ever having signed up for anything.

This is just the starting point however; as mentioned, there is no login required to browse by topic and read the stories that other users have shared and voted on. That said, by logging in with your Facebook credentials, you can also influence how future stories are chosen for you, one vote at a time. Your votes will improve the relevance of Project Emporia’s story choices not just for you, but for every other user as well.

Project Emporia is currently in Alpha release from FUSE Labs and Microsoft Research.

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