Microsoft Announces Messenger Connect

Messenger Connect from Microsoft marks an important step forward for the Windows Live Messenger service as it will allow websites to integrate the function into their pages resulting in better sharing with friends.

Essentially its a new social API that allows new ways for partners and developers to connect with Windows Live Messenger. (It incorporates exisitng APIs Windows Live ID, Contacts API, Messenger Web Toolkit).

Messenger Connect is a major leap for Microsoft. Until now, the company’s social products have been largely closed off to 3rd parties. Now, this new API allows Windows Live Messenger and 3rd party websites and applications that use it, to pull in data from across a user’s online social world.

Developers are going to be able to create compelling social experiences on their websites and apps by providing them with social promotion & distribution via Windows Live Messenger, and when you see the new capabilities of the Windows Messenger due in a few weeks time – that is really going to be a great experience for the end user.

Microsoft really are putting “Social” at the heart of their new Windows Live products coming this summer!


Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP

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