Dell Developing Tablets to Improve Sales Slump

Dell has put its hopes of a sales increase on brand new touch-screen products, that will be included in the launch of Windows 8. The hope is that the tablets will encourage customers to buy and play partypoker and check Facebook on Dell products rather than Apple.

Sales of Dell’s notebook computers have been down in the last three months leading up to May. Ten percent less than was earned during the same period last year. With the fall in sales, the company have predicted only a small increase in revenue over the current period.

Despite the climate now, Dell’s founder Michael Dell has told analysts to keep a look out. He expects that the release of new Microsoft system software later this year will help to gain interest back in the company again.

News site Seeking Alpha has quoted him as saying:

“Unlike other Windows transitions, this is a transition where you generally are going to need a new PC, whether it’s a tablet or ultrabook with touch or a notebook with touch or a PC with touch or some derivative hybrid on all the above type of products.”

He adds that customers should be on stand by because, “We’re preparing a full complement of products, and we’ll be ready with those.” However he is being realistic about the amount of time it will take for the new system to impact business sales. Corporations are still using Windows 7 “so we don’t think there’ll be a massive adoption of Windows 8 by corporations early on”.

The company certainly needs their Windows 8 products to be successful.They attempted to crack the mobile tablet market with Inspiron and Streak, but ultimately these markets are dominated by Apple with the iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

We’ll have to wait and see what impact Windows 8 has.

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