CyberLink Launch PowerDVD 10

Today CyberLink launches the latest version of PowerDVD, PowerDVD 10.

# PowerDVD 10 users will be able to enjoy a wide range of added features and functions, including:

# Playing all their movies, video and music content with PowerDVD 10 – the universal media player

# Enhancing the playback experience with TrueTheater technology. Converting DVDs from 2D to 3D and enhancing video and audio quality for HD displays

# Be able to use more video formats including: MKV, WTV, FLV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2 video file formats, in addition to the broad range of formats supported in version 9

# Experience Blu-ray playback performance with optimization for GPU acceleration

# Write reviews of their favorite movie scenes and share them as MovieMarks on Facebook and MoovieLive. Share short comments of movies in real-time on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive

# Play any Blu-ray 3D movie on PCs (Please note this feature will be available as a free upgrade for PowerDVD 10 consumers in sync with the release of further Blu-ray 3D titles)

# To learn more about the features and functions of PowerDVD, together with our online pricing please look at the product page for PowerDVD 10 with further information:


Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP

New Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard Debuts

What gamers request most is better control in-game, and today Microsoft Hardware launches the SideWinder X4 Keyboard, a keyboard designed to give gamers more control over their gaming experience with the industry’s most advanced anti-ghosting technology. Developed by the Applied Sciences Group, this new technology ensures gamers’ most complex key combinations will be recognized by the computer to keep the game in action. The new keyboard also offers other advanced gaming features such as macro recording, mode and profile switching, and adjustable backlighting.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

The Applied Sciences Group, an interdisciplinary research and development team that works across the Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division doing applied research for Microsoft Hardware, Microsoft Surface and Xbox 360, developed the anti-ghosting technology with gamers in mind. The advanced technology takes anti-ghosting to the next level by allowing gamers to press up to 26 keys at once. Because each key is scanned independently by the keyboard hardware, each key press is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at the same time. The SideWinder X4 Keyboard excels where other keyboards fail, letting users execute key combinations and taking full advantage of their skill and speed.

“We’re always looking for new and novel ways to enhance people’s interactions with their PCs,” said Steven Bathiche, research manager of the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft. “We know that ghosting can be a problem for gamers, so we wanted to develop a way to eliminate this issue and improve the overall gaming experience, and we’ve succeeded with the new anti-ghosting technology in the SideWinder X4 Keyboard.”

Precise Gaming Keyboard With Advanced Features

The SideWinder X4 Keyboard also offers more of the features gamers need to stay at the top of their game. Macro recording lets them string together multiple moves into one press of a button, and the new automatic macro repetition feature lets them repeat the macro over and over as needed with one key. Mode and profile switching also provides easy ways to customize the keyboard for different games and users while adjustable backlighting lets gamers select the lighting level that meets their needs.

Pricing and Availability

The SideWinder X4 Keyboard will be available in March 2010 for the estimated retail price of $59.95 (U.S)1 and will be available for pre-sale on later this week. The SideWinder X4 Keyboard is backed by a worldwide three-year limited hardware warranty, and more information about this and other Microsoft Hardware products can be found at


Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP

The Latest Home Accessory – Microsoft Arc Keyboard

The home office is changing; it’s no longer one room but is constantly evolving as people use their laptop computers all over the house. To fit this trend, Microsoft Corp. announces a redesign of the keyboard as we know it — the Arc Keyboard. Small enough to move easily around the home and so attractive it fits seamlessly with chic home accessories, this product looks at home wherever it’s used.

Microsoft’s best-selling Arc Mouse shares its design language with the Arc Keyboard for a beautifully curved profile, clean lines, light weight and portable shape. The Arc Keyboard is all about the home, and Microsoft Hardware’s industrial design team drew its inspiration from modern home accessories such as flatware, lighting fixtures and vases. The result is a keyboard that looks and feels like it belongs with other objects in the home; it is as much a part of the décor as the chandelier in the dining room and the vase in the kitchen.

“The design tenets that we looked to for the Arc Keyboard were simplicity and crisp softness, creating an aesthetic for this product that is casual and sophisticated at the same time,” said Monique Chatterjee, industrial designer for Microsoft Hardware. “We drew our design inspiration directly from the places where we envision this product will be used so it perfectly blends with existing home accessories.”

The Arc Keyboard looks and feels like it belongs with other objects in the home; it is as much a part of the décor as the chandelier in the dining room and the vase in the kitchen.

Weighing in at less than a pound, the Arc Keyboard is easy to move from room to room throughout the house, and its domed keyset comfortably rests on the lap so people can kick back on the couch or type away on the kitchen counter. It includes a snap-in Nano transceiver that is so small it can remain plugged in to the computer at all times, or can be magnetically snapped in the bottom of the keyboard for storage. With its unique, compact design, the Arc Keyboard becomes a functional and stylish part of any living space.

More information about this and other Microsoft Hardware products can be found at


Marc Liron
Microsoft MVP