Second Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9

When Microsoft started planning IE9, they recognized the need for a close relationship with the Web developer community.

So, on the 15th March 2010, Microsoft released the first IE9 Platform Preview for developers to review the changes/new technologies etc coming in the new browser.

At that initial announcement Microsoft stated they were committed to updating the IE9 Preview approximately every eight weeks. So today they are releasing the second Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9.

Please Note:

The Internet Explorer Platform Preview is NOT a full web browser. It’s intended to give Web developers an early look at the Web platform technology coming in the next release of Internet Explorer. To distinguish it from a full browser, it is called a platform preview.

Here are the links:



IE9 Blog:

Simply download and install the Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9 and when it runs it will take you back to the download page where you can test out the various elements on the page.


Kind Regards

Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP