Windows 7 Training Videos

If you have followed this Blog for any length of time you will know that I like creating quality Windows training videos!

The following 100 Windows 7 Training Videos are available as part of my training package of videos – Click here for more information

Windows 7 Customization Tips (12 Videos)

Working with Visual Effects in Windows 7
How to Turn Off Aero Peek
How to Setup and Use Hotmail Aliases
How to Remap your Keyboard
Pin Programs to the Start Menu
Disable File Indexing in Windows 7
How to Setup Favorites in the Explorer Window
How to Customize Notifications and Hide Icons
How to Add the Video link to the Start Menu
Turn Off Games in Windows 7
Introducing WinBubble for Tweaking Windows 7
How to Change your Logon Picture

Windows 7 Privacy & Security Tips (10 Videos)

Understanding Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows 7
Understanding How to Work with UAC’s in Windows 7
The Start Menu Privacy Options
How to Clear Recent List Items
Understanding Flash Player Local Storage in Windows 7
How to Automatically Update Flash Player
Understanding the Windows Media Player Privacy Options
How to Setup Parental Controls on a Guest user Account, and Why…
Working with Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0
The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.2

Windows 7 Advanced Troubleshooting (14 Videos)

Troubleshooting Windows Update
The Windows Update Troubleshooting Wizard
The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Understanding The Cryptographic and BITS Services
Introducing the Microsoft SysInternal Tools
Working with Device Drivers in Windows 7
The Device Driver Advanced Settings
Understanding Software Compatibility
Troubleshooting with the Event Viewer
Introducing The Windows 7 Resource Monitor
Revealing Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7
Using the free Problem Step Recorder for troubleshooting
An explanation of the SFC.exe tool in Windows 7
Setting up the “Godmode” Shortcut Solution

Windows 7 Advanced Maintenance (13 Videos)

Understanding Advanced Indexing Options
Working with Task Scheduling
Disk Defragmenter from the Command Line in Windows 7
Configuring Windows 7 Start up Programs
Configure Windows 7 Services on Start up
Change the Computer Name in Windows 7
Advanced Disk Cleanup Manager
Hard Drive maintenance with Windows 7 CHKDSK
Create your own System Repair Disk for Windows 7
Generate a System Health Report for your PC
Managing Windows 7 Virtual Memory the Correct Way
Removing Every Type of Unwanted Programs and Utilities
Using CCleaner to Maintain Windows 7

Windows 7 Standard Troubleshooting (6 Videos)

An Introduction to using System Restore
An Introduction to using Device Manager
An Introduction to using System Images
An Introduction to using System Repair
An Introduction to using Troubleshooting Wizards
How to Reset Internet Explorer

Windows 7 Standard Maintenance (5 Videos)

An Introduction to using Disk Cleaner
An Introduction to using Disk Defragmenter
An Introduction to using Advanced Disk Defragmenter
An Introduction to File Associations
An Introduction to using Windows Update

Windows Live SkyDrive (10 Videos)

What’s in Windows Live SkyDrive
Quick Tour of the SkyDrive Layout
Basic File Management in SkyDrive
Working with Your Documents
Working with Your Images
Working with Office Apps in SkyDrive
Saving an Office Document to SkyDrive
Synching Folders to SkyDrive with Windows Live Mesh
Check the Status of SkyDrive
The SkyDrive Help Center

Windows Live Photo Gallery (12 Videos)

What is Live Photo Gallery
A Tour of Windows Live Photo Gallery
Importing Images
Tagging and Rating
The Editing Tools
The Photo Fuse Tool
The Panorama Tool
Share Photos and Videos Online
Support for “RAW” Files
The Video Player Function
Photo Gallery Plugins
The Screen Saver Function

Windows Live Movie Maker (11 Videos)

What is Windows Live Movie Maker
A Tour of Windows Live Movie Maker
Import Your Videos and Photos
Working with the View Tab
Auto Movie Themes
Adding Titles, Captions and Credits
Working with Transitions and Pan & Zoom
Visual Effects
Working with Music
Saving your Movie
Sharing your Movie

Windows Live Mail (10 Videos)

What is Windows Mail Live
A Tour of Windows Mail Live
Setup a Non-Hotmail Account
Setup a Hotmail Account
Create an Email Message
Create a Photo Email
The Calendar
RSS Feeds
Safety Options Panel


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