Windows Live and the Cloud

You hear the term “The Cloud” everywhere today in IT.

But where is it?

…well one great example is Windows Live. In particular SkyDrive the popular Microsoft service that operates in t”he cloud” and allows you the freedom to share your documents worldwide:



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Marc Liron – Ex-Microsoft MVP (2004-2010)
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Windows Live Team on Twitter

The Windows Live team has been tweeting away from for a few months now, and would welcome you to follow them there.

They tweet out news and information that hopefully will help you get even more out of Windows Live. Sometimes they take informal polls and ask questions to see what’s on your mind. And unlike some corporate Twitterers, there’s some give and take to their twitter stream–they don’t just blast stuff out.

They try to follow those who follow them, and to respond to as many direct messages (“DMs” in twitterspeak) and @replies as they can.