Hands-On with Windows 8 Release Preview

In this hands on video you will be shown what’s new and different with Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview.

This is a version of Windows 8 that you can download to test for yourself, and will likely be the closest-to-final public release of Windows 8 before it goes gold later this year – just in time for the new PC sales for the Holidays!

Windows 8 will have built-in support of USB 3.0 for better power management and longer battery life. Microsoft announced that Windows 8 has short boot times, because it saves the kernel’s memory to the hard disk on shutdown (similar to the existing hibernate option) and reloads it on start up.

Windows 8 offers a new VHD format, called .vhdx, which supports up to 16 terabytes of storage. It reportedly has built-in resiliency as well as protection from corruption that can happen during power failures. It also helps prevent performance degradation on some large-sector physical disks.

A new feature called Family Safety will allow parents to protect their children on the internet, as well as monitor and control their PC and internet activities and usage.

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