Introducing Windows Server 2012 – FREE eBook

Introducing Windows Server 2012 by Microsoft Press is avaialable as a free eBook download in the popular PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.

The Introducing Windows Server 2012 guide is based on the Beta version of Microsoft’s new Windows Server 2012 platform. However, unlike the “preview” versions of Windows 8, it is feature complete and so makes this a valuable free guide to the latest server operating system by Microsoft.

Windows Server 2012 Book

Get a head start evaluating Window Server 2012—with technical insights from a Microsoft MVP who’s worked extensively with the beta release.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The business need for Windows Server 2012

The rationale behind cloud computing Making the transition
Technical requirements for successful cloud computing
Four ways Windows Server 2012 delivers value for cloud computing Foundation for building your private cloud

Chapter 2 Foundation for building your private cloud

A complete virtualization platform
Increase scalability and performance Business continuity for virtualized workloads

Chapter 3 Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform

Continuous availability
Cost efficiency
Management efficiency

Chapter 4 Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud

Scalable and elastic web platform
Support for open standards

Chapter 5 Enabling the modern workstyle

Access virtually anywhere, from any device
Full Windows experience
Enhanced security and compliance

This free guide to Windows Server 2012 is around 256 pages long… if you want a phyical copy that will set you back around $14.99 at

You can download the free guide to Windows Server 2012click here

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Hands-On with Windows 8 Release Preview

In this hands on video you will be shown what’s new and different with Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview.

This is a version of Windows 8 that you can download to test for yourself, and will likely be the closest-to-final public release of Windows 8 before it goes gold later this year – just in time for the new PC sales for the Holidays!

Windows 8 will have built-in support of USB 3.0 for better power management and longer battery life. Microsoft announced that Windows 8 has short boot times, because it saves the kernel’s memory to the hard disk on shutdown (similar to the existing hibernate option) and reloads it on start up.

Windows 8 offers a new VHD format, called .vhdx, which supports up to 16 terabytes of storage. It reportedly has built-in resiliency as well as protection from corruption that can happen during power failures. It also helps prevent performance degradation on some large-sector physical disks.

A new feature called Family Safety will allow parents to protect their children on the internet, as well as monitor and control their PC and internet activities and usage.

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The Windows 8 Release Preview

The name of Microsoft’s coming operating system, updated today to Windows 8 Release Preview, implies just another version of an OS once much loved and now much maligned. But Windows 8 means much more to Microsoft: It’s a bold attempt to build an Apple-proof operating system with modern visual elements via the risky Metro design language. It’s a salvo in the war for tablet relevance. It insists that touch screens matter, and it sets the stage for upcoming versions of Windows Mobile.

For Microsoft to succeed with Windows on all platforms, Windows 8 has to work. The changes in today’s Release Preview take a step in the right direction, tightening up the operating system and introducing new apps to showcase just what Windows 8 can do. But Microsoft isn’t quite there yet….

It’s easy to try now—whether you’re installing it for the first time, or moving from Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Download Here:

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